Not so good H.264 media type

MainConcept’s MP4 Demultiplexer in Annex B mode looks, well… slightly excessively broken.

MainComcept MP4 Demultiplexer Properties

  1. H.264 media type with start codes (H264 FourCC, but here they use legacy subtype informally known as MEDIASUBTYPE_H264_bis) do not require parameter sets as a part of MPEGVIDEOINFO2 structure. If they however decided to provide the NAL units, they have to be RLE encoded, without start codes. MainConcept does it Aneex B way – not good.
  3. BITMAPINFOHEADER::biBitCount of 24 is hardly correct, but it is not fatal
  4. Additionally, they do memory allocator of default capacity of 64K followed by streaming larger samples…


Needless to mention that this sort of connection simply has no chances to succeed:

Trying to Connect MainConcept MP4 Demultiplexer and Microsoft H.264 Decoder

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