Magellan eXplorist: Import KML Placemarks into eXplorist Waypoints

This is going to be useful if you manage waypoints in Google Maps online and would then like to transfer them into GPS unit.

Google Maps offer KML export option to make a shortuct to currently opened My Google Map with placemarks.


KML file, either its online URL or path to saved local file may be given to Alax.Info Import KML Waypoints Wizard to convert the waypoints into Magellan eXplorist Waypoint File (.upt).


What’s new in this build?

  • New: Import KML Waypoints Wizard
  • Updated: Newer version of Microsoft C++ compiler used (smaller distributable size)

Application Name: Alax.Info Magellan eXplorist Tools
License: Free for personal use, request commercial licenses via email or contact form
Latest Version: 1.0.2
Download Link: Alax.Info Magellan eXplorist Tools 1.0.2 (273K)

2 Replies to “Magellan eXplorist: Import KML Placemarks into eXplorist Waypoints”

  1. I receive an error on conversion attempt! and the Error window is black – there is no message inside.
    What shall I do to correct the problem?

  2. I have not been using this for some time, so there might be prehaps some changes in KML format… anyway I will try to check this soon to sort things out. Thanks for the hint!

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