DHCP Server: VoIP Configuration Server Address Options 66 and 150

Alax.Info DHCP Server was updated and received a new feature to send TFTP Server Name (DHCP option 66) and TFTP Server IP Addresses (DHCP option 150) so much required to automatically configure VoIP hardware.

DHCP Server TFTP Server Options

Option 150 is defined by internet draft “VoIP Configuration Server Address Option”:

   This memo documents existing usage for the "VoIP Configuration Server
   Address Option" (previously known as the "TFTP Server IP Address
   Option").  The option number currently in use is 150.  This memo
   documents the current usage of the option in agreement with RFC 3942
   [RFC3942], which declares that any pre-existing usages of option
   numbers in the range 128 - 223 should be documented and the working
   group will try to officially assign those numbers to those options.

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