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DirectShow Spy: ROT fix and evrprop.dll

A small issue appears to be affecting DirectShow applications with DirectShow Spy installed. As underlying COM base is non-standard, the spy implements a few hacks to run smoothly and to keep reference counting correct in particular. Under certain conditions, DirectShow-enabled ActiveX control hosted by Internet Explorer seems to be unable to put its graph onto…

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Skype improved support for video devices for richer user experience

A new release of Skype is out there, version Metro look on the main (roster) window – good job! Broken compatibility with software (virtual) video capture devices – good job! Broken compatibility with some of hardware capture devices – good job! While stripping virtual video devices in favor of true cameras, to avoid issues,…

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Log Process Exceptions: Filters and Email Notification

Moving on with LogProcessExceptions tool which externally monitors (debugs, to be more specific) an application of interest and captures its exceptions writing minidump files for further analysis. This updates adds two features: Ability to filter out the exceptions of interest An email notification on exception, with or without minidump file Filter A new property page…

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DirectShow Spy: Who Sent EC_ERRORABORT?

persiflage@stackoverflow asks if there is a chance to use DirectShow Spy see who sent an EC_ERRORABORT notification, which filter exactly. Let us see first why there is no way to find this out, and then we will see what we can do. DirectShow Filter Graph Manager accepts events from filters via its IMediaEventSink interface. The…

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