• Added: Infotips for files enabled by default
  • Added: Shell icon overlay handler displays green check/red exclamation when digital signature exists and is valid/invalid

Note that shell icon overlays are not enabled by default because it may be an impact on shell performance. To enable, add a registry value that defines path patterns to be subject for digital signature verification.

Value Name: “Path Expressions”
Value: Comma-separated list of regular expression patterns, eg. “\.((exe)|(dll)|(cab))$” enables the feature for all .exe, .dll and .cab files.

Download the extension (432K, MS CAPICOM redistributable included)

CAPICOM Shell Extensions

Another handy shell extension for those who deal with digital signatures. The extension adds new columns to shell explorer and also allows to put digital signature related information into informational tooltips.

The following columns are added:

  • Signature state (presence, validity), description, URL
  • Signer certificate details (subject, issuer, email etc.)
  • TimeStamper certificate details (signing time, subject, issuer, email etc.)

Some screenshots are shown below:




To add digital signature information info informational tip, use regedit to update the following items:

Key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile, backup “InfoTip” value and append the following string:

This will add digital signature state, description and signing time to the tip. The same modification may be applied to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile and other keys.

Download the extension (566K, MS CAPICOM redistributable included)

Keywords: CAPICOM, Shell Extensions, Digital Signatures, Authenticode

Authenticode’s Signcode

Some of you may be annoyed by the way signcode.exe keeps popping up the password prompt when trying to sign file from command line. There’s a workaround, however.

The utility catches password prompt and autoenters the password. After a minute of inactivity it quits. For use in bacth files like this:

start /b AutomateSigncodePassword.exe my-authenticode-password
signcode %1 -spc mycredentials.spc -v myprivatekey.pvk -t http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timestamp.dll

Download the utility (23K)