IP Cameras – Huge Resolutions

Technology does not stand still (no surprise) and we have hardware that produces 1920×1200@20fps Not as cheap as dust, certainly, but still not as expensive as a rocket.

The problem however is that it is still not displayed live at it’s full extent on conventional workstation, esp. when in layout with other 3+ cameras. So imagine this 3 megapixel stuff expanded into 12 megabytes of data 20 times per second. It’s fucking alot, even on a fast machine with a modern video board.

I wish we were given a better focus for that problem because it did not appear suddenly. So it all was in the state “it’s slow but the world is not ideal so let’s get going with this”. However finally we updated our DirectShow JPEG decoding filter to use internal downsampling. Dynamically. To follow effective size of the video on the screen. It should work great!

DirectShow is great technology, I really keep being excited how all the filters work together, agree formats etc. And now it’s even more complex, the filters reagree formats dynamically…