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MediaTools to deliver video from network/IP cameras and video servers into DirectShow environment

I decided to gather DirectShow code and filters related to processing video from network/IP cameras and video servers into a library (in fact, a few libraries) so that it could be easily used for testing, research and other purposes. As time is going to permit, documentation and sample code will be provided, further development will…

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Network Cameras and Video Servers

An example to give an idea of how robust and reliable network cameras and video servers today are. Fl***h made video encoder hardware. The request is http://***.***.***.***/cgi-bin/***.cgi?***, it informs on capabilities of the device. … SupportDigitalOutputCount=4 SupportDigitalIutputCount=4 …

Mobotix cameras online (updated)

Mobotix cameras online, various models discovered by web spider bot, see previous list here: Basic , – Firmware M1-V1.9.4.8 (2003-12-01) D10D-Secure M10-1-38-123, http://mbsj.no-ip.org:7001 – Firmware M10-V2.1.0.9-D10 (2005-01-07) D12D-Sec D12, http://cabanga.dvrdns.org:8080 – Firmware MX-V3.4.2.2 (2008-04-25)