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IMediaObject::Discontinuity while Windows Media Video 9 Encoder has data to process

This is presumably a bug in Windows Media Video 9 Encoder in versions up to Windows 7 included (fixed in Windows 8.1 at the very least – wmvencod.dll 6.3.9600.17415). A IMediaObject::Discontinuity call destroys input the DMO it already holds: it reports success, and handles discontinuity correctly. It even drains output as it should, but if in the same time…

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Windows Media Codec List

Windows Media Codec List utility uses IWMCodecInfo interface (see also IWMCodecInfo2, IWMCodecInfo3) lists installed Windows Media Codecs and their formats and presents the findings in a convenient way. The utility gives a quick idea what a programmer would obtain through IWMCodecInfo2/IWMCodecInfo3 interfaces and what well known format structures (WM_MEDIA_TYPE, AM_MEDIA_TYPE, WAVEFORMATEX, VIDEOINFOHEADER) correspond to particular…

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