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[376]2// Copyright (C) Roman Ryltsov, 2008-2015
[276]3// Created by Roman Ryltsov,
5// This source code is published to complement DirectShowSpy developer powertoy
6// and demonstrate the internal use of APIs and tricks powering the tool. It is
[276]7// allowed to freely re-use the portions of the code in other projects, commercial
8// or otherwise (provided that you don’t pretend that you wrote the original tool).
10// Please keep in mind that DirectShowSpy is a developer tool, it is strongly recommended
[276]11// that it is not shipped with release grade software. It is allowed to distribute
12// DirectShowSpy if only it is not registered with Windows by default and either
13// used privately, or registered on specific throubleshooting request. The advice applies
14// to hooking methods used by DirectShowSpy in general as well.
16#include "stdafx.h"
17#include "resource.h"
[310]18#include "Module_i.h"
[95]19#include "dllmain.h"
22// Main
24CDirectShowSpyModule _AtlModule;
26extern "C" BOOL WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, DWORD nReason, VOID* pvReserved)
28        hInstance;
29        return _AtlModule.DllMain(nReason, pvReserved); 
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