source: trunk/Utilities/Miscellaneous/NullBstrArgument/unreg.bat @ 937

Last change on this file since 937 was 181, checked in by roman, 9 years ago

server is set to run as DLL surrogate, added x64 build

File size: 376 bytes
1regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\Win32\Debug\Library.dll
2regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\Win32\Debug\LibraryPS.dll
3regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\Win32\Release\Library.dll
4regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\Win32\Release\LibraryPS.dll
5regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\x64\Debug\Library.dll
6regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\x64\Debug\LibraryPS.dll
7regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\x64\Release\Library.dll
8regsvr32 /u /s _Bin\x64\Release\LibraryPS.dll
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