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I have been developing software for over two decades. This blog is a public stream of information, tools and references on specific aspects of development.

I am providing development and consulting services as a contractor/through my personal company.

I have been active in development related communities such as Stack Overflow and MSDN Forums. You will find me active in threads related to video and audio APIs, hardware acceleration, media codecs, protocols and streaming and other technologies (both legacy and new arrivals, including: COM, ATL, WTL, WRL, Microsoft HoloLens, Unity, virtual/mixed/augmented reality).

I am the one and only holder of certain Stack Overflow badges:

directshow-gold directshow-solver  video-capture webcam ms-media-foundation directshow-net wtl

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award LogoMicrosoft awarded me for public activity and contributions with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award several times:

  • Visual Studio and Development Technologies (2015-2017)
  • Visual C++ (2012-2014)
  • Windows Media (2011)
  • DirectShow and Media Foundation (2009-2010)

Contact Information

Please feel free to email me at contact at alax dot info, or alternatively you can message me via LinkedIn.

If you have a software development related question, please read below before you get in touch. While I do my best trying to reply to everyone, please be aware that in most cases (unless you are sure that I am the right addressee and the question is related to me exactly) the best method to ask a question is public development related sites like StackOverflow, MSDN Forums. In any event, it is a good idea to always follow suggestions about asking a good question.