This is a summary of software presented on this website (esp. posted through blog some time ago).

Table of contents (it’s quite a long list below):

DirectShow Tools

  • DirectShowSpy – a DirectShow developer must extension to access, troubleshoot filter graphs
  • DirectShowCaptureCapabilities – an utility to print out available video and audio capture devices and their detailed capabilities (supported interfaces, media types etc) [Win32, x64]
  • DirectShowFileMediaSamples – an utility to play a media file through to print streams and individual media sample parameters [Win32, x64]
  • DirectShowReferenceSource – DirectShow video and audio source filters generating artificial content/files for various testing
  • DirectShowDelay – TBD
  • DirectShowH264 – TBD
  • IpVideoSource – DirectShow Video Source Filter for JPEG and M-JPEG IP Cameras, configurable as virtual source video device to integrate into third party software in place of regular video devices such as web cameras
  • Blackmagic Design/DeckLink SDK Hardware Specific:
    • DeckLinkCapabilities – an utility to print out capabilities of devices accessible using DeckLink SDK [Win32, x64]
    • DeckLinkInputProbe – an utility to enumerate supported video capture formats with DeckLink SDK device, and determine which capture modes result in valid input signal and fruitful capture [Win32, x64]
    • DeckLinkTools – TBD
  • Matrox DSX SDK Specific:
  • Unsorted:
    • GeneratePcmWavFile – TBD
    • CaptureClock – TBD
    • EnumerateVideoCaptureFilterCapabilities – TBD
    • EnumerateAudioCaptureFilterCapabilities – TBD
    • EnumerateAudioDevices – TBD
    • ConfigureVideoResizerDmo – TBD
    • DumpMediaSamples – command line application to play a DirectShow filter graph through, using supplied GRF file, locate Sample Grabber Filters there and trace streamed media samples and their properties; somewhat similar to internal Analyzer filter of GraphStudioNext
    • StressEvr – TBD
    • RenderInterlacedVideo – TBD
    • WindowsMediaCodecList – TBD

Media Foundation Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

  • EmailTools – COM object (good for various COM-friendly environments including scripting) to send emails using SMTP, including secure TLS/SSL connections
  • ResourceTools
  • EnumerateTreatAsClasses
  • LogProcessExceptions
  • RotViewIRotView replacement, an utility to visualize ROT contents [Win32, x64]
  • ShowHresult – system tray application that monitors clipboard and pops up helpful hints decoding HRESULT status codes [Win32]
  • ManifestComDependency – managed registration-free COM manifest files, standalone and embedded [Win32, x64]
  • NetInfo
  • FilePropertyStore – an application that prints out file properties available through shell property handlers (esp. video, audio, image files etc.) [Win32, x64]
  • IncrementBuild – an utility to update binary resource information automatically incrementing build version to be able to uniquely identify builds; integrates with Visual Studio C++ projects as a post-build event call [Win32, x64]
  • Unsorted:
    • LogicalProcessorInformation
    • LoadCpu
    • LogStdOutput
    • LowLatencyWaveOutPlay
    • MonitorInformation
    • UpnpScanner
    • WaveOutMultiPlay
    • StressD2d
    • FileMappingVirtualAddress


Other resources available on the website.

Externally Hosted



  • Some of the presented applications are equipped with a Submit button to send certain diagnostic information over internet; a user is typically sending exactly the same information visible to him interactively
  • Some of the presented applications are submitting the data automatically; by using those applications a user is accepting terms of disclosing diagnostic information generated by the application