This is a summary of software presented on this website (esp. posted through blog some time ago).

There is an unfortunate problem with download links to old binaries and Subversion integration on the hosting. I moved the files to the mirror repository on GitHub

Table of contents (it’s quite a long list below):

DirectShow Tools

  • DirectShowSpy – a DirectShow developer must extension to access, troubleshoot filter graphs
  • DirectShowCaptureCapabilities – an utility to print out available video and audio capture devices and their detailed capabilities (supported interfaces, media types etc) [Win32, x64]
  • DirectShowFileMediaSamples – an utility to play a media file through to print streams and individual media sample parameters [Win32, x64]
  • DirectShowReferenceSource – DirectShow video and audio source filters generating artificial content/files for various testing
  • DirectShowDelay – TBD
  • DirectShowH264 – TBD
  • IpVideoSource – DirectShow Video Source Filter for JPEG and M-JPEG IP Cameras, configurable as virtual source video device to integrate into third party software in place of regular video devices such as web cameras
  • Blackmagic Design/DeckLink SDK Hardware Specific:
    • DeckLinkCapabilities – an utility to print out capabilities of devices accessible using DeckLink SDK [Win32, x64]
    • DeckLinkInputProbe – an utility to enumerate supported video capture formats with DeckLink SDK device, and determine which capture modes result in valid input signal and fruitful capture [Win32, x64]
    • DeckLinkTools – TBD
  • Matrox DSX SDK Specific:
  • Unsorted:
    • GeneratePcmWavFile – TBD
    • CaptureClock – TBD
    • EnumerateVideoCaptureFilterCapabilities – TBD
    • EnumerateAudioCaptureFilterCapabilities – TBD
    • EnumerateAudioDevices – TBD
    • ConfigureVideoResizerDmo – TBD
    • DumpMediaSamples – command line application to play a DirectShow filter graph through, using supplied GRF file, locate Sample Grabber Filters there and trace streamed media samples and their properties; somewhat similar to internal Analyzer filter of GraphStudioNext
    • StressEvr – TBD
    • RenderInterlacedVideo – TBD
    • WindowsMediaCodecList – TBD

Media Foundation Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

  • EmailTools – COM object (good for various COM-friendly environments including scripting) to send emails using SMTP, including secure TLS/SSL connections
  • ResourceTools
  • EnumerateTreatAsClasses
  • LogProcessExceptions
  • RotViewIRotView replacement, an utility to visualize ROT contents [Win32, x64]
  • ShowHresult – system tray application that monitors clipboard and pops up helpful hints decoding HRESULT status codes [Win32]
  • ManifestComDependency – managed registration-free COM manifest files, standalone and embedded [Win32, x64]
  • NetInfo
  • FilePropertyStore – an application that prints out file properties available through shell property handlers (esp. video, audio, image files etc.) [Win32, x64]
  • IncrementBuild – an utility to update binary resource information automatically incrementing build version to be able to uniquely identify builds; integrates with Visual Studio C++ projects as a post-build event call [Win32, x64]
  • AmaEncode – a latency measurement tool for AMD AMF H.264 and H.265/HEVC video encoders
  • NvcEncode – a latency measurement tool for NVIDIA Video Codec SDK H.264 and H.265/HEVC video encoders
  • Unsorted:
    • LogicalProcessorInformation
    • LoadCpu
    • LogStdOutput
    • LowLatencyWaveOutPlay
    • MonitorInformation
    • UpnpScanner
    • WaveOutMultiPlay
    • StressD2d
    • FileMappingVirtualAddress


Other resources available on the website.

Externally Hosted


  • Some of the presented applications are equipped with a Submit button to send certain diagnostic information over internet; a user is typically sending exactly the same information visible to him interactively
  • Some of the presented applications are submitting the data automatically; by using those applications a user is accepting terms of disclosing diagnostic information generated by the application