RotView: What is on ROT?

Once upon a time Windows SDK (or it was Visual Studio) had a tool named IROTVIEW which enumerated Running Object Table (ROT).

Running Object Table Viewer

IROTVIEW displays information about ActiveX and OLE objects currently existing in memory.

People ask “Where is IROTVIEW?” and there is no answer.

The API is really simple, but if you want a quick check what’s on your ROT you still want a handy tool. In particular, you might want to check ROT if your app is using RegisterActiveObject API to publish active COM objects. Here we go, this RotView application lists the ROT contents:

RotView UI

Available in both Win32 and x64 versions, it also shows OS marshaling of ROT entries and their availability to “both worlds”. The application does more:

  • Shows COM class descriptions for active COM objects, path to binary that hosts COM class
  • “Probes” COM objects by trying to query IUnknown of a ROT entry

Hint: Hold Ctrl+Shift to have a tool tip popping up duplicate its content onto clipboard.

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