Author: Roman

UWP Media Element fullscreen playback bug

New platform, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), offers new Media Foundation bugs. UWP Media Element embeds a Media Foundation video renderer to present media video frames played back. Under certain conditions, the Media Element control fails to present video inline with just incrementing the presentation time indicating playback in progress. Nevertheless once expanded full screen the…

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Reference Signal Source: Hello, UWP!

Media Foundation version of Reference Signal Source is UWP friendly. It can be played using stock MediaElement control (whether it is a C# or JS project), is also Direct3D aware and friendly and as such integrates well with the MediaElement. Then on top of that the whole bundle is even WACK friendly and is ready…

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Reference Signal Source: Direct3D 11 awareness

A few updates to DirectShowReferenceSource module, it’s Media Foundation video Media Source related part today. First, the video media source is now handling restarts from paused state correctly and resumes frame generation from proper position (not from zero as before). Second, the video media source is now Direct3D 11 aware. That is, when it participates…

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