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WebCodecs in StreamingServer for JavaScript H.264 decoding

One another small addition to StreamingServer showcase/development application: verification for WebCodecs API video streaming. WebCodecs API offers browser applications video decoding capabilities: The WebCodecs API gives web developers low-level access to the individual frames of a video stream and chunks of audio. It is useful for web applications that require full control over the way…

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Hardware AV1 video encoders are coming

There is something interesting finally happening with video encoding and also Media Foundation: Intel® Hybrid AV1 Encoder MFT 11 Attributes: MFT_TRANSFORM_CLSID_Attribute: {62C053CE-5357-4794-8C5A-FBEFFEFFB82D} (Type VT_CLSID) MF_TRANSFORM_FLAGS_Attribute: MFT_ENUM_FLAG_HARDWARE MFT_ENUM_HARDWARE_VENDOR_ID_Attribute: VEN_8086 (Type VT_LPWSTR) MFT_ENUM_HARDWARE_URL_Attribute: AA243E5D-2F73-48c7-97F7-F6FA17651651 (Type VT_LPWSTR) MFT_INPUT_TYPES_Attributes: {3231564E-3961-42AE-BA67-FF47CCC13EED}, MFVideoFormat_NV12 MFT_OUTPUT_TYPES_Attributes: MFVideoFormat_AV1 MFT_CODEC_MERIT_Attribute: 7 (Type VT_UI4) MFT_SUPPORT_DYNAMIC_FORMAT_CHANGE: 1 (Type VT_UI4) MF_TRANSFORM_ASYNC: 1 (Type VT_UI4) Intel UHD graphics coming…

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DirectShow VCam source code

Introducing another popular DirectShow project: Vivek’s source filter which emulates a video capture device. For a long time the code was hosted on P “The March Hare” W’s website, which was eventually taken down. I placed the recovered project, binaries, README and upgrade to Visual Studio 2019 on GitHub: roman380/tmhare.mvps.org-vcam: Original Vivek’s popular sample project…

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