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Play an MP3 with Media Foundation

An under 100 lines of C++ code sample that plays an MP3 file with Microsoft Media Foundation. https://github.com/roman380/MediaFoundationMinimalAudioPlayback Comes from this StackOverflow question, however unlike Microsoft’s sample it does not spread simple code among multiple source code files, gives a quick way to build & run, shows modern C++ practices (including Microsoft Windows Implementation Library…

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Support for FLAC in ISO BMFF with MSE in StreamingServer application

Chrome platform supports FLAC encoding in ISO BMFF (fragmented MP4) media since version 62 (October 2017), however the support for FLAC (and Opus) overall did not become standard and comprehensive since then. I hooked up Microsoft FLAC Audio Encoder MFT into media streaming application to produce media and check browser compatibility. /audio.mp4?flac – produces FLAC…

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Media Foundation on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

The interesting part with live WebM Media Foundation media source I mentioned in the previous post is that the whole thing works great on… Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ running Windows 10 IoT Core (RaspberryPi 3B+ Technical Preview Build 17661). Windows 10 IoT has quite the same Media Foundation infrastructure as in other Universal Windows…

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