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Intel® RealSense™ Camera in DirectShow/Media Foundation

There is an intersting submission for video capture device capabilities for “The Short-Range Intel® RealSenseâ„¢ Camera F200” camera. Another blog user earlier mentioned they have a good stock of the devices with plans to take advantage of new technology. It sounds like the new cameras offer new opportunities for application in user interaction, in ability…

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Using IP Video Source programmatically as a standalone DirectShow Video Source Filter for JPEG and M-JPEG IP Cameras

Recent IP Video Source class/module is not limited to use via registration as a video input/capture/source device. The filter is also registered as a regular filter and can be used programmatically in a regular way: CoCreateInstance, AddFilter etc. A C++ code snippet below shows how to import interface definition, create an instance of the filter,…

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IP Video Source: 64-bit version, resolution flexibility, Adobe FMLE

The IP Video Source update provides several improvements to the driver: copy/paste feature to backup, restore, or synchronize installed devices between 32-bit and 64-bit versions 64-bit version and .MSI dynamic video resizing (via Video Resizer DSP) Adobe FMLE compatibility Updates in greater detail follow. Device Copy/Paste Feature The video device management window is providing Copy…

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