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Another VFW/DirectShow Pain in the Ass: picapmk4.dll

A customer complained on video playback problems which had symptoms of software compatibility issue. At certain operation modes software froze leaving the only option to kill process and restart. I appeared that the system has a third party DLL installed, a new hero name’s – picapmk4.dll. The DLL registers itself as Video for Windows codec…

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Utility Clearance: Enumerate VCM Codecs

EnumerateVcmCodecs uses ICOpen API to enuerate available codecs and prints out information obtained from enumeration. 32-bit and 64-bit versions respectively enumerate codecs available for the platform (lists may vary because the codecs are actually provided by different DLLs, built for respective platform). szName fccType: 0x63646976 (vidc), fccHandler 0x64697663 (cvid) dwFlags 0 dwVersion 0x0, dwVersionICM 0x104…

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Windows Media Codec List

Windows Media Codec List utility uses IWMCodecInfo interface (see also IWMCodecInfo2, IWMCodecInfo3) lists installed Windows Media Codecs and their formats and presents the findings in a convenient way. The utility gives a quick idea what a programmer would obtain through IWMCodecInfo2/IWMCodecInfo3 interfaces and what well known format structures (WM_MEDIA_TYPE, AM_MEDIA_TYPE, WAVEFORMATEX, VIDEOINFOHEADER) correspond to particular…

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