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DirectShowFileMediaSamples Update: Command Line Mode

It appears that the tool was never mentioned before (just mentioned in general software list). The application takes a media file on the input and applies respective DirectShow demultiplexer to list individual media samples. for MP4 files the application attempts to use GDCL MPEG-4 Demultiplexer first it is possible to filter a specific track/stream ability…

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Enumeration of DirectShow Capture Capabilities (Video and Audio)

The tool appears to be unmentioned here, and this is to fix the problem. DirectShowCaptureCapabilities¬†application enumerates video and audio capture devices and lists their typical DirectShow properties, specifically: Moniker names (including USB identification) Pins and property pages Supported interfaces Formats and capabilities available through¬†IAMStreamConfig¬†interface Video and audio devices The utility allows to save output and…

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DeckLinkCapabilities: A Printout of Capabilities of Blackmagic Design/DeckLink Hardware

The tool provides a user- (well, actually a developer-) friendly printout of capabilities accessible via Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK for DeckLink series of hardware. This covers features of DeckLink and Intensity series of hardware for video/audio capture, accessible via vendor’s SDK. The data is printed out in Markdown format, easy to read on its own…

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