Author: Roman

PlayReady DRM in StreamingServer application via MSE/EME

One more video streaming scenario is added to PoC StreamingServer application: ability to stream DRM-enabled content with playback via Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions EME interface and by-frame data appendage in JavaScript. DRM scenarios are typically handled by JavaScript streaming media players such as castLabs PRESTOplay for Web Apps, where JavaScript player gets…

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WebCodecs in StreamingServer for JavaScript H.264 decoding

One another small addition to StreamingServer showcase/development application: verification for WebCodecs API video streaming. WebCodecs API offers browser applications video decoding capabilities: The WebCodecs API gives web developers low-level access to the individual frames of a video stream and chunks of audio. It is useful for web applications that require full control over the way…

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MPEG-DASH trick play adaptation set

Just a small addition to MPEG-DASH server: a separate trick play video track with 1 fps just IDR frames track. The “trick mode” itself is essentially this: 3.2.9. Trick Mode Support Trick Modes are used by DASH clients in order to support fast forward, seek, rewind and other operations in which typically the media, especially…

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