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The case of incorrect behavior of stock DirectX Media Objects

Since Microsoft Windows Vista, Media Foundation API offers a set of convenient Digital Signal Processors for video and audio processing. These include conversion helpers for video and audio, dual interfaced as Media Foundation Transforms (MFTs) and DirectX Media Objects (DMOs). Earlier posts shed some light on DMO interfaces, and use of DMOs in DirectShow graphs…

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DeckLinkCapabilities: A Printout of Capabilities of Blackmagic Design/DeckLink Hardware

The tool provides a user- (well, actually a developer-) friendly printout of capabilities accessible via Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK for DeckLink series of hardware. This covers features of DeckLink and Intensity series of hardware for video/audio capture, accessible via vendor’s SDK. The data is printed out in Markdown format, easy to read on its own…

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libx264 illustrated

As libx264 has so many presets and tunes, I was curious how they all related one to another when it comes to encode video info H.264. I was more interested in single pass encoding for live video, so the measurements are respectively for this mode of operation with encoder running in CRF (constant rate factor,…

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