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Windows 10 AVI Splitter bug

There were a few reports that in Windows 10 it is unable to play AVI files, which played fine in earlier versions of Windows, AVI files specifically. Windows 10 DirectShow problem Windows 10 DirectShow problem with AVI OK, the problem does exist. More to say, the problem exist in Windows component that implements AVI Splitter…

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Utility Clearance: Export AVI Resources

ExportAviResources walks through AVI video clips attached as resources to a binary file and exports them into separate files. Such clips can be used with Animation Controls for GUI animations. You might want to run the utility against SYSTEM32/SYSWOW64 folders to see if any of stock animations are good for you: D:\>for %i in (C:\Windows\system32\*.dll)…

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How To: Wrap an existing DirectShow filter with a private video source filter (COM aggregation)

See beginning in microsoft.public.win32.programmer.directx.video newsgroup. This sample is demonstrating COM aggregation to embed an existing filter an re-expose it as a new filter having inner filter pre-initialized. The Visual Studio C++.NET 2008 projects contains a DirectShow filter class that registers itself under Video Capture Sources category and embeds File Source (Async) Filter inside initialized to…

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