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Microsoft “FaceTracker” Face Detection in form of Telegram bot

Microsoft Windows operating systems come with built-in API for face tracking in Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis Namespace. It is available since Windows 10 “Threshold 1” build 1507 even though it is probably not the most popular API for a few reasons but maybe most important is that like some other new additions, the API addresses UWP development. Nonetheless,…

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An easy tweak with PHPBB forums to avoid automated registration of spambot users

Spammers¬† finally reached PHPBB version 3 “Olympus” default CAPTCHA automated OCR task in their development schedule and recently started registering bot users passing the provided CAPTCHA confirmation code. Luckily to them, PHPBB3 default CAPTCHA code is ridiculously easy to OCR, os basically this was rather expected. It does not however mean that there is no…

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Mobotix cameras online (updated)

Mobotix cameras online, various models discovered by web spider bot, see previous list here: Basic , – Firmware M1-V1.9.4.8 (2003-12-01) D10D-Secure M10-1-38-123, http://mbsj.no-ip.org:7001 – Firmware M10-V2.1.0.9-D10 (2005-01-07) D12D-Sec D12, http://cabanga.dvrdns.org:8080 – Firmware MX-V3.4.2.2 (2008-04-25)