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Blackmagic Design’s “Decklink Video Capture” filters

Pulling this out from Blackmagic Design Forum thread: Generally, the recommended interface to the capture cards is the DeckLink API. A DirectShow interface is available, but provides a subset of the functionality available from the complete DeckLink API. Please note that the older, user-space DirectShow filters (DeckLink Video Capture) are deprecated in favour of the…

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DeckLinkCapabilities: A Printout of Capabilities of Blackmagic Design/DeckLink Hardware

The tool provides a user- (well, actually a developer-) friendly printout of capabilities accessible via Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK for DeckLink series of hardware. This covers features of DeckLink and Intensity series of hardware for video/audio capture, accessible via vendor’s SDK. The data is printed out in Markdown format, easy to read on its own…

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