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Where is ID3D11DeviceChild::GetPrivateDataInterface?

ID3D11DeviceChild similarly to a few other related interfaces offers methods including: ID3D11DeviceChild::GetPrivateData – Get application-defined data from a device child. ID3D11DeviceChild::SetPrivateData – Set application-defined data to a device child and associate that data with an application-defined GUID. ID3D11DeviceChild::SetPrivateDataInterface – Associate an IUnknown-derived interface with this device child and associate that interface with an application-defined GUID.…

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D3D11_VIDEO_DECODER_BUFFER_DESC Documentation Quality

Direct3D 11 DXVA decoding documentation lacks accuracy. The API, sadly, lacks other things too but it is a different story. D3D11_VIDEO_DECODER_BUFFER_DESC as defined in Windows SDK: MSDN documentation lost DataSize field, which is – ironically – the most important one along with buffer type. Related D3D11_1DDI_VIDEO_DECODERR_BUFFER_DESC structure has both fields but the Members section has…

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