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Log Process Exceptions: Filters and Email Notification

Moving on with LogProcessExceptions tool which externally monitors (debugs, to be more specific) an application of interest and captures its exceptions writing minidump files for further analysis. This updates adds two features: Ability to filter out the exceptions of interest An email notification on exception, with or without minidump file Filter A new property page…

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LogProcessExceptions: Automatically Create Minidump Files on C++ Exception in Monitored Process

LogProcessExceptions utility implements a very basic debugger which attaches (see DebugActiveProcess on MSDN) to a running process and monitors its exceptions. Once exception takes place the utility creates a minidump file for the process (see MiniDumpWriteDump on MSDN) so that exception condition could be investigated off-site using debugger. If you throw C++ exceptions in your…

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AMCap issue

While playing around with a camera DirectShow video source filter, AMCap, which is widely used sample and which I believed to be very stable, started crashing in an inner call CDeviceMoniker::IsEqual: devenum.dll!CDeviceMoniker::IsEqual() + 0x13 bytes > AmCap.exe!ChooseDevices(IMoniker * pmVideo=0x003e9a38, IMoniker * pmAudio=0x00000000) Line 2672 + 0x2a bytes C++ AmCap.exe!ChooseDevices(wchar_t * szVideo=0x0013f5b8, wchar_t * szAudio=0x0013edb0) Line…

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