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IAMGraphBuilderCallback and Intelligent Connect tuning

There was a question asked about how IAMGraphBuilderCallback interface is used to prevent from particular filter insertion during Intelligent Connect. First of all, there is sample code at The March Hare‘s website: The IAMGraphBuilderCallback class can be used to remove problematic dshow filters when building a graph with intelligent connect.  This sample does not provide…

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DirectShow Filter Graph Spy – CLSID_FilterGraphNoThread

At the time of original implementation I intentionally left off a variation of Filter Graph Manager that runs on application thread, CLSID_FilterGraphNoThread. MSDN says: CLSID_FilterGraphNoThread creates the Filter Graph Manager on the application’s thread. If you use this CLSID, the thread that calls CoCreateInstance must have a message loop that dispatches messages; otherwise, deadlocks can…

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DirectShow Filter Graph Spy

Inspired by a post on DirectShow Development Forum, it is sometimes useful to find out how certain application is using DirectShow to capture live video and/or audio, or play certain file etc. Filter graph topology, details about media types on the pins, used interfaces and call order. There is quite an easy step for the…

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