MSDN Forums – HTTP Error 400

“Bad Request – Request Too Long” with https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums Somehow they piled up cookie data as long as 16 KB and they stopped accepting that as a HTTP header… Cleanup of browser cookies for MS sites resolves the access problem.

MediaTools: Fix for Motion JPEG video

A small fix for M-JPEG video streams retrieved by HTTP Stream Source Filter: Username and password contained in URL are honored for Basic HTTP authentication Correctly parsed HTTP response headers with quotes, e.g.: Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=“myboundary“ Partial Visual C++ .NET 2008 source code is available from SVN, release binary included.

MediaTools to deliver video from network/IP cameras and video servers into DirectShow environment

I decided to gather DirectShow code and filters related to processing video from network/IP cameras and video servers into a library (in fact, a few libraries) so that it could be easily used for testing, research and other purposes. As time is going to permit, documentation and sample code will be provided, further development will…

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WinHTTP escaping problem

WinHttpCrackUrl and WinHttpCreateUrl API functions are breaking URL string into components and recompose back to string. There was a mess with passwords and security issues since when putting password into URL is no more acceptable. Experienced users might remember the times when URL could embed password, e.g. ftp://john:mysecretpassword@host.com/path. Password is lo longer accepted by major…

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