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IP Video Source: Compatibility Issues

I received a few emails recently with questions about compatibility issues between IP Video Source and other applications. The compatibility issues typically fall into classes: An application is sensitively expecting the device to be real camera, with specific requests, e.g. to be able to change resolution of video capture An application is explicitly requesting that…

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IP Video Source: 64-bit version, resolution flexibility, Adobe FMLE

The IP Video Source update provides several improvements to the driver: copy/paste feature to backup, restore, or synchronize installed devices between 32-bit and 64-bit versions 64-bit version and .MSI dynamic video resizing (via Video Resizer DSP) Adobe FMLE compatibility Updates in greater detail follow. Device Copy/Paste Feature The video device management window is providing Copy…

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DirectShow Video Source Filter for JPEG and M-JPEG IP Cameras

This implements a DirectShow driver/wrapper over a HTTP based JPEG/M-JPEG streamed video, widely available with IP cameras. Once installed, it provides a Start Menu shortcut to manage video capture devices, where a user can add/remove devices. The devices are automatically registered with DriectShow and are available to applications. The compatibility list includes: Windows SDK AmCap…

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