Automated Resource Updater updated

The COM object that allows automated file resource updates is updated with a few new features:

  • STRINGTABLE management, methods and properties to read/write string resources of a binary
  • BITMAP management, methods and properties to read/write bitmap resources of a binary

Documentation and samples are still pending, just a binary this time once again.

Here is where one can find syntax:


Some more sample code:

WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”);
WScript.Echo(“Current Directory: ” + WshShell.CurrentDirectory);
Image = new ActiveXObject(“AlaxInfo.ResourceTools.Image”);
Image.Initialize(WshShell.CurrentDirectory + “\\Sample.dll”);
Index = 77;
Value = Image.Bitmaps.Bitmap(Index).SaveToFile(null, WshShell.CurrentDirectory + “\\Bitmap.bmp”);
Value = Image.Bitmaps.Bitmap(Index + 1).LoadFromFile(1033, WshShell.CurrentDirectory + “\\Bitmap.bmp”);
Value = Image.Bitmaps.Bitmap(Index + 1).LoadFromFile(1049, WshShell.CurrentDirectory + “\\Bitmap.bmp”);

Application Name: Alax.Info Resource Tools
License: Free for personal use, request commercial licenses via email or contact form
Latest Version:
Download Link: Alax.Info Resource Tools (285K) ResourceToolsSetup.msi (Win32, 32-bit)

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