Automated Resource Updater updated (1.0.2)

An update is inspired by necessity to strip DS_FIXEDSYS dialog style which Visual Studio adds to the dialog template once it is modified in resource editor.
What’s new in this build?

  • Fixed: Failure accessing STRINGTABLE values with identifiers such that ((IDS & 0x0F) == 0x0F)
  • New: Unicode build
  • New: Static link to C runtime, smaller binary and download
  • New: Dialogs property and accessor to resource dialog templates, dialogs collection exposes enumerator and individual resource accessor of type Dialog. Dialog object has a read/write Style property

JScript script below shows how to strip DS_FIXEDSYS style from every dialog template resource in the binary:

WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”);
WScript.Echo(“Current Directory: ” + WshShell.CurrentDirectory);
Image = new ActiveXObject(“AlaxInfo.ResourceTools.Image”); Image.Initialize(WshShell.CurrentDirectory + “\\Sample.dll”);
DialogEnumerator = new Enumerator(Image.Dialogs);
for(; !DialogEnumerator.atEnd(); DialogEnumerator.moveNext())
Dialog = DialogEnumerator.item();
WScript.Echo(“Dialog ” + Dialog.Name + ” style is ” + Dialog.Style);
Dialog.Style = Dialog.Style & ~8; // DS_FIXEDSYS


Application Name: Alax.Info Resource Tools
License: Free for personal use, request commercial licenses via email or contact form
Latest Version:
Download Link: Alax.Info Resource Tools (155K) ResourceToolsSetup.msi (Win32, 32-bit)

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    What’s new in this build?

    Fixed: Dialog template update would fail on an attempt to set DS_FIXEDSYS or DS_SETFONT flags if none were previously set, as well as unset both flags if any of them were presiously set; This is required because dialog temp…

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