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Alax.Info NTFS Links, a Microsoft Windows shell extension that adds commands to manage NTFS soft (junctions) and hard links on NTFS systems

NTFS Links: x64 build

Per user request, here goes 64-bit version of NTFS Links utility, which provides shell UI for NTFS Junction Points. As 64-bit version of Windows operating systems provide two versions of shell explorer, and support both Win32 and x64 platform applications, it is typical to install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the utility to cover/extend…

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NTFS Links minor update

I decided yo update NTFS Links to fix an annoying issue several people complained about. If you copy a directory and decide to, yes, copy and not create soft link, you will be still prompted with the same question for every subdirectory inside. Windows gove no option to learn this is actually a subdirectory and…

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NTFS Links: Alternate data streams

Another interesting feature of NTFS file system is alternate data streams, which basically means that a file may be attached extra data such as for example “slave files”. The tricky peculiarity is that data streams are almost invisible to Windows shell, though Windows uses stream to attach version information (Summary property page in file properties)…

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Search engines

Quite amusing, this blog shares first two positions with on query for “soft link ntfs” and is 4th on MSN search, 3rd is again. Yahoo search lists but this blog is somewhere far away. This is probably because “soft links” are better known as “symbolic links”. The mentioned is a very…

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NTFS Links Update

Multilanguage support added and Russian translation is also put into this update. No features added. Russian locale is detected automatically but you can also overrdide through registry: Key Name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alax.Info\NTFS Links\Locale Value Name: Default Value Type: DWORD Value: 1049 (decimal) for Russian Translation is implemented as a satellite DLL, so more languages are possible if…

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NTFS Links 1.1.0

An update of NTFS Links is available, some shell operations on soft linked directories acquired new options: An option to create move a soft link when a soft linked directory is being moved An option to create a soft link when a directory is being copied An option to copy a soft link when a…

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