NTFS Links: List junction points under certain directory

While NTFS junction points are powerful to relink files without duplicating data and/or moving between disks, they are treated as regular directories by most of software and it may unexpectedly result in conversion of a junction point into a regular directory with implied duplication of data and disk space waste.

This is a quick fix for the NTFS Links shell extension that allows to quickly list created junction points under certain directory, and delete if necessary. The update adds a property page Junction Points to NTFS non-UNC directory properties:

Directory Junction Points Property Page

This is a quick update, so be aware (also my TO DO list):

  • no Russian localization, sorry
  • context menu should also be given another item Open Containing Directory
  • does not work for root directories
  • list items should be OLE draggable
  • there should be a junction point validation feature that checks availability of substitution path and indicates result by an icon
  • I should remove the mess between “soft link” and”junction point” in favor of the latter

Release information:

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