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Where is ID3D11DeviceChild::GetPrivateDataInterface?

ID3D11DeviceChild similarly to a few other related interfaces offers methods including: ID3D11DeviceChild::GetPrivateData – Get application-defined data from a device child. ID3D11DeviceChild::SetPrivateData – Set application-defined data to a device child and associate that data with an application-defined GUID. ID3D11DeviceChild::SetPrivateDataInterface – Associate an IUnknown-derived interface with this device child and associate that interface with an application-defined GUID.…

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C++ #import and x64 builds

I already wrote earlier on 32/64-bit issues with Visual Studio. The problems are not frequent but when they happen they are pretty confusing. Here is another one today. C++ code is simple: #import “libid:59941706-0000-1111-2222-7EE5C88402D2” raw_interfaces_only no_namespace CComPtr<IObject> pObject; ATLENSURE_SUCCEEDED(pObject.CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(Object))); BYTE* pnData; ATLENSURE_SUCCEEDED(pObject->Method((ULONG_PTR) (BYTE*) pnData)); A COM method returns a pointer to data – pretty straightforward,…

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DirectShow Spy: Integration with GraphStudioNext

DirectShow Spy is introducing integration with GraphStudioNext (and GraphEdit too) to let a developer quickly open a filter graph through Running Object table with external inspection tool. Note that you need a revision 301 GraphStudioNext or later, prebuilt versions available for download here: graphstudionext.exe (Win32), graphstudionext64.exe (x64). DirectShow Filter Graph list window offers context menu items and hotkeys to…

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