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C++ #import and x64 builds

I already wrote earlier on 32/64-bit issues with Visual Studio. The problems are not frequent but when they happen they are pretty confusing. Here is another one today. C++ code is simple: #import “libid:59941706-0000-1111-2222-7EE5C88402D2” raw_interfaces_only no_namespace CComPtr<IObject> pObject; ATLENSURE_SUCCEEDED(pObject.CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(Object))); BYTE* pnData; ATLENSURE_SUCCEEDED(pObject->Method((ULONG_PTR) (BYTE*) pnData)); A COM method returns a pointer to data – pretty straightforward,…

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DirectShow Spy: Integration with GraphStudioNext

DirectShow Spy is introducing integration with GraphStudioNext (and GraphEdit too) to let a developer quickly open a filter graph through Running Object table with external inspection tool. Note that you need a revision 301 GraphStudioNext or later, prebuilt versions available for download here: graphstudionext.exe (Win32), graphstudionext64.exe (x64). DirectShow Filter Graph list window offers context menu items and hotkeys to…

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DirectShow Spy: Filter Graph Data and Properties UI

Summary DirectShow Spy receives a set of new powerful updates helping to develop and troubleshoot DirectShow applications: UI combining Markdown formatted filter graph details as well as property pages for all participating filters available interactively via filter graph list available via helper COM class letting DirectShow application integrate incredible troubleshooting capabilities Option to email filter…

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