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Booo SRW Locks

Windows Vista introduced new synchronization API: slim reader/writer (SRW) locks. Being already armed with critical sections, one perhaps would not desperately need an SRW lock, but still it offers a great option to provide both exclusive (critical section alike) mode and shared mode when 2+ threads can enter protected section simultaneously. Some time earlier, I…

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Thread synchronization and context switches

A basic task in thread synchronization is putting something on one thread and getting it out on another thread for further processing. Two or more threads of execution are accessing certain data, and in order to keep data consistent and solid the access is split into atomic operations which are only allowed for one thread…

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Recursive SRW Locks

Windows Vista added new synchronization API, Slim Reader/Writer (SRW) Locks, which is a powerful alternative to critical sections. The detailed description is, as always on MSDN, and what makes it really cool is simple: unlike critical sections, SRW Locks provide reader and writer access synchronization making it possible for 2 and more reader to not…

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