If your application is looking for network adapters, it may be blind to see

A really long and annoying troubleshooting of a problem finally ended with a bug found in GetAdaptersInfo/GetAdaptersAddresses API.

It may unexpectedly fail under the following conditions:

  • 32-bit application
  • 64-bit operating system or /3GB feature enabled on 32-bit operating system
  • hosting process is linked with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag or has otherwise set it in binary header
  • over 2GB of RAM (in terms of Private Bytes/Virtual Size performance counters) consumed by the hosting process

The application might unexpectedly start getting ERROR_NO_DATA (232) or ERROR_NOACCESS (998) error codes instead of list of adapters. Supposedly, the responsible Microsoft component iplhlpapi.dll or one of the underlying components/APIs are incompatible with such environments (such as for example, treating 32-bit pointer with the most significant bit set as invalid or compares such pointers as signed values).

A test Visual C++ .NET 2010 application is available from SVN. More bug details on Microsoft Connect.

NOTE 1: You need to run “GetAdaptersAddressesTest /regserver” once to register the app before running it for the test.

NOTE 2: The problem does not seem to take place with 32-bit operating systems with /3GB tuning enabled.

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