GPS Location/Coordinate Converter: Multiple Locations at Once

Today’s update lets you convert multiple locations at once with a single click. Here is the story behind the update and use case scenario.

In rally raid sport events (so called baja), a team gets a road book for the next competition day in a few hours before actual start. The GPS coordinates are printed on one of the pages of the roadbook and are not available in any electronic format.

There were just a few times when the organizer also uploaded a copy of a file with the coordinates and shared a link to download from, but this was rather an exception. Another alternate option was a dedicated person to upload the coordinates (they were earlier full tracks, but at some point tracks were no longer available at all) to pilots’ hardware, but in a state of pre-start рфыеу and variety of GPS hardware, formats, cable etc. this created lines of people. The most one can rely on is a sheet of paper with GPS coordinates. The mistery does not end even here as you don’t know whether you are to get Degrees only, or Degrees and Minutes, or Degrees, Minutes and Seconds. Everything depends on software the organizer uses.

As soon as you get a hard copy of this, the idea is to upload it into device as quickly as possible because there are other things to do and the time is normally 11 PM when the race is to start 7 AM next day tens of miles away from you. The time interval will be shared by uploading data, sleeping and transfer to start location.

The utility is here to grant extra sleep time. Since it is capable to accept various separators on the input, a convenient way is to quickly type in the text in Microsoft Excel, check the data against the hardcopy, and copy into clipboard to transfer to the utility.

A hotkey with conversion transfers data into format of interest, and single “Find and Replace” operation creates a good OziExplorer waypoint file which is good for upload onto portable navigation device.

The whole thing take a few minutes to do with minimal routine typing in.

A binary [Win32] and partial Visual C++ .NET 2010 partial source code are available from SVN.

Bonus picture, rally raid Suzuki is on the way to score the victory and the rally promotional teaser:

Rally Raid Suzuki Samurai on the Way

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