Meet Rainway, a free and easy to use game streaming platform

Rainway Client UI
Designed with speed in mind, Rainway is tuned to avoid impacting the performance of your game. Enjoy 60FPS streams with super low-latency gameplay. Rainway is launched beta-version today offering a server for self-hosting and HTML5 web client. The server component is designed to stream using state-of-the-art technology and performance. On client Rainway offers quality remote gaming experience in Chrome and FireFox web browsers.

A few days earlier Rainway released a trailer which features a vision on future of gaming in the world of variety of devices and fast network. Today’s beta launch is the first Rainway’s step towards putting gaming online.

Feel free to register and enjoy the new experience. Also, even though it is about gaming you are not limited to games: the technology remotes you into a workstation in general and makes remove desktop accessible via general purpose browser.

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