AMD’s three ways to spell “enhancement”

From AMD AMF SDK documentation, AMF_Video_Encode_API.pdf:

The typos are not a big deal for development, even though the symbol with the typo is a shortcut to a string with the same typo:


The SDK offers a good frontend to AMD VCE hardware encoders, however there are a few unfortunate problems:

  • documentation is incomplete: covers most important but skips too many details
    • as a small example, use of important AMF_VIDEO_ENCODER_EXTRADATA is not covered by documentation; those needing it are not their own to figure out the answer themselves
  • the SDK is good in its structure, convenient and “transparent” – its debug mode is pretty helpful
  • alternative method (this post remains in good standing) to consume hardware encoders are Windows Media Foundation Transforms (MFT), which are stable and efficient, but not so much documented too and lack flexibility; additionally it seems they are not in development and are not directly relying on this SDK

As we take no compromise our experimental AMF SDK based H.264 encoding MFT is eventually slightly more efficient compared to vendor’s but not significantly.

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