Runtime H.264 encoder setting changes with AMD H.264 hardware MFT

One more AMD MFT related post for now. Some time ago I mentioned that Intel’s implementation of hardware H.264 video encoder Media Foundation Transform (MFT) is not implementing correctly runtime change of encoding settings. Respective Intel Developer Zone submission has received no follow-up and, presumably, attention over time. At this time it was a good moment to check how AMD is doing when it comes to adjustment of encoding settings on active session.

Let us recap:

  • Microsoft: software encoder supports the feature as documented;
  • Intel: fails to change settings;
  • Nvidia: settings change is supported in minimal documented extent;
  • AMD: ?

AMD H.264 hardware encoder fails to support the feature MSDN documentation mentions as required. Respective request triggers 0x80004001 E_NOTIMPL “Not implemented” exception.

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