Getting started with WASAPI

Reader’s question:

… Audio field is very new to me. But I must use WASAPI for one of my project. Would you mind give me a direction where should I start learning in order to be able to implement WASAPI to my project .

WASAPI basics are straightforward:

  • enumerate devices
  • capture audio
  • play (render) audio back

To start WASAPI development I recommend looking at Microsoft’s SDK samples here. The samples include both capture and playback tasks in simple scenarios.

A few more samples for WASAPI on UWP:

You will need MSDN documentation for Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) to get details on API calls.

Related MSDN API links:

Once you have more specific questions I suggest that you search StackOverflow and MSDN Forums and ask on StackOverflow if you still need help.

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