State of video remoting

Some things are working decently well…

<2 frames of latency @ 60 frames/second

A monitor of one system is remoted to another system where the latter is… Xbox One X. Perceivable latency with 1920×1080@60 monitor resolution is under 2 video frames even though there are so many things happening in between.

The source system is powered by moderate GeForce GTX 750 running with its video encoding engine (encoding alone on this GPU requires around 12 ms for frame H.264 compression work) loaded at 40%. There is Rainway, Sachiel, Protocol Buffers, WebRTC on the sending side. Not necessary here but good to mention: network video data packaging overall remains HTML5 compliant. On the client side of things the same unwind with, of course, use of DXVA2 for video decoding. Xbox GPU engine utilization fluctuates around 6% and the broadcast overall stays an easy job with latency caused by scheduling rather than processing complexity.

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