Low latency video streaming

Bits of Rainway Pulsar technology at work in this test run. The big monitor is a part of desktop system, by the way, not a high end one: Radeon RX 570 with two monitors, one of which is encoded into H.264 and streamed over network to two pieces of hardware:

  1. Intel NUC with a 2K monitor (small monitor on the left) connected to onboard IntelĀ® IrisĀ® Plus Graphics 640 & its HDMI connector
  2. Xbox One X (in the right bottom corner)

The high FPS 3D thing (by the way, it is “The Universe Within” by BigWIngs) is running on desktop PC and its image is being taken to the other two systems simultaneously via H.264 5 MBit/s encoding.

Ordinary hardware, yet streaming is made right and shows what can be squeezed out.

Will have to check faster hardware, and I think the latency can be cut twice. Interestingly, at some point it might be harder to remote audio at such low latency.

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