AMD could do better in notifying of their updates and fixes for the video adapter hardware drivers

Quite a number of AMD GPU based video cards are running outdated drivers for such modern task as low latency game streaming, and users have no clue that the video driver is letting them down. For example, a slice of version structure for those who “have things going rather well”:

Current recommended (“stable”?) version is 20.4.2 (just 20%) released on 15-May-2020 10 weeks ago, and optional (“latest”, “beta”?) is 20.7.2. Many users have 19.xx just because they install the driver pulled by Windows Update expecting this to be a good driver. It is not and with many adapters it simply does not work for some of the video encoding tasks because it does not follow the documented behavior. Quite some users just have no guess that their “standard” video driver brought to them via Windows Update channel is hugely outdated and multiple updates have been available.

Now the structure for AMD RX 5×00 XT series (especially popular RX 5700 XT):

The small fraction of 20.5.1 reflects the broken state of the driver: video encoder there fails to process video. Yes, it is fixed in 20.7.1 but only users who check and install optional updates of AMD Adrenaline 2020 have a chance to be aware of availability of fixing update.

Another confusing thing is that there is a recommended version of AMD driver software and it seems to be the default setting to pull recommended updates. Yet the driver download section (link above) suggests to install optional/latest version 20.7.2 of the driver software package.

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