Windows SDK DirectShow Samples adapted for Visual Studio 2019

Over 20+ years there have been a steady flow of questions “how to build these projects”. Back in time the problem was more about having exactly matching settings in the application/library projects and mandatory dependent static library. At some point Microsoft abandoned the samples, then removed from the SDK completely. Luckily, some point the samples were returned back to public as “Win7Samples” under “Windows Classic Samples” published on GitHub.

DirectShow samples there, however, exist in the state where they were dropped years ago. Still functioning and in good standing, but not prepared for building out of the box. So the flow of the “how to build” questions is still here.

I made a fork of the repository (branch “directshow” on fork of the Microsoft’s repository; “Samples/Win7Samples/multimedia/directshow” from the root of the repository) and upgraded a few projects, those most popular ones (including AmCap, PushSource, EzRGB24, beginner’s DShowPlayer application):

Windows-classic-samples/Samples/Win7Samples/multimedia/directshow at directshow · roman380/Windows-classic-samples (

The code requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (Community version is okay) and current Windows 10 SDK.

To start, clone the fork and locate README at the directshow folder, open the solution and build the code, Debug or Release configuration, Win32 or x64 platform.

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