YouTube video contains content… blocked on copyright grounds

Previous post embedded a video clip, hosted by YouTube, with a 37 seconds recording of Microsoft Edge window playing another YouTube clip. The video clearly showed UI part of browser and YouTube web page besides the video. Audio was a re-encoded re-capture of playback audio, however obviously matching algorithm would do a positive here because audio was captured excellently. The clip itself had a link to original content in the description & also linked blog post. Essentially, the 37s fragment of 205s song displayed that capture and recording of a separate window using OS API and tooling produces a decent MP4 file.

Then this happened:

After a manual review, a copyright owner has claimed some material in your video.

As a result, your video has been blocked, and can no longer be played on YouTube.

This is not a copyright strike. This claim does not affect your account status.

Video title: DxgiTakeWindowSnapshot’s WGC & Loopback Audio Recording

So it is a copyright infringement nowadays to show a screen-rip of half a minute trim of playback of 1/6th of music video with clear indication of source and purpose, and MANUAL REVIEWER confirmed that.

But okay, the song is rather good.

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