Beyond the Possible

I am replaying a pretty much regular MPEG TS recording taken from air, just with a MPEG TS rollover condition inside.

  1. Microsoft Media Foundation – ? FAIL
  2. Microsoft Movies & TV Application – ? FAIL (obviously because of #1 above, but let me double this down)
  3. Media Player Classic MPC-HC – ? FAIL
  4. VLC – ? FAIL
  5. DirectShow with one commercial MPEG demultiplexer filter – ? FAIL
  6. GStreamer 1.18 – ? FAIL

Oh, come on! Anyone? The recording is absolutely known to be one hundred percent valid!

Sounds like we have a new industry standard.

Microsoft Media Foundation drops sample times at MPEG TS rollover at 30.000s on audio leg, but not on video.

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