Getting married in Ukraine under martial law

TLDR: You will have hard time marrying a disabled girl in Ukraine 2022/2023.

As you might have heard, Ukraine does not allow its men citizen aged 18 through 60 to leave the country. You might want to think it’s a smart idea but let’s have a dive into the implementation.

According to current legislation in Ukraine there are a few scenarios when the country prohibit border crossing to its citizens on their outbound travel. And those, surprisingly, do NOT include the case of martial law and those who can potentially be drafted. So what the hell is going on?

Ukraine has a legislative branch, a judicial branch, and an executive branch. The highest level normative act, the Constitution of Ukraine, defines that it is the legislative branch who has to define the exception for border crossing. Did legislative branch banned men leave? NO. Executive branch, represented by antisocial gang with the president as a frontman actor, issued its own leave ban and instructed the border service to refer to it and ignore the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine. The judicial branch is suppressed and threatened and so things have remained as this for some time. There are a few collisions that make it hard for legislative branch to issue the ban accurately too, and – no matter what – legislative branch after almost a year of martial law did not even make an attempt to legalize the ban in a nicer way.

Men in Ukraine are in a sort of a trap: explosions, no jobs, the usurpers of power are treating men as resource for fights where men are thrown and those who want to stay alive are supposed to purchase equipment at their own expense. And, of course, no leave from Ukraine. Many look for loopholes and exceptions, and one of the stories I recently heard encouraged me to share and write this post.

One person from my home city Kharkov, Ukraine complained that he had troubles with his plan. In frustration of being locked in Ukraine, he decided to find and marry disabled girl because this sort of disability and care needs opens an opportunity to cross border for a men who is a carer of such disabled person and is also a first degree relative. He found a woman and they got into agreement.

They went to register their marriage in Lvov, Ukraine in the Western part of the country assumed to be safer (not really for men) and what they heard was this: “We will not register your marriage because you’re trying to escape the draft and you want to flee. Your mutual consent to get married? We don’t give a fuck.”. They drove to another neighboring region to make another attempt and they found that they are already sort of banned by name across the offices, and new office refused immediately because “you already tried to do it yesterday in Lvov”.

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