RegisterTypeLibrary to register type libraries the way regsvr32 registers COM servers

While regsvr32 tool is used to register COM servers, such as .DLL, .OCX, .AX files, sometimes you need an equivalent for type library files, such as .TLB, for example to automate software registration on a host. There has been no stock utility for this that I am aware of, so I have been using my own one (RegisterTypeLibrary):

C:\Program Files\Alax.Info\Media Tools>RegisterTypeLibrary.exe Acquisition.dll
Type Library Information:
  File Path: Acquisition.dll
  File Full Path: C:\Program Files\Alax.Info\Media Tools\Acquisition.dll
  Name: AlaxInfoMediaToolsAcquisition
  Documentation String: Alax.Info Media Tools Acquisition 1.0 Type Library
  GUID: {4C03D3C8-13AD-451F-9363-FAD08EF94A91}
  LCID: 0
  Platform: 1
  Version: 1.0
  Flags: 0x8


/U unregisters, /Q displays information about type library (may be useful as it also works for .DLL files where type library is embedded into binary).

A Visual C++ .NET 2008 source code is available from SVN, release binary included.

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