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Latest RTSP news from Beward BD4370D and nessyMediaServer

A feed coming from Beward BD4370D Megapixel IP camera: DESCRIBE rtsp://ipaddress/h264 RTSP/1.0 CSeq: 2 User-Agent: Alax.Info RTSP Streamer Module/ Accept: application/sdp RTSP/1.0 200 OK CSeq: 2 Date: Tue, Jun 29 2010 01:50:09 GMT Content-Base: rtsp://ipaddress/h264/ Content-Type: application/sdp Content-Length: 645 v=0 o=- 1277694477005767 1 IN IP4 s=Session streamed by “nessyMediaServer” i=h264 t=0 0 a=tool:LIVE555 Streaming…

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