Resource Tools: Custom Resource Types

This update for Resource Tools adds an option to access custom resource types, such as FILE, TYPELIB, REGISTRY etc. It lets enumerate the resource, and load/save them. The COM interafce adds new Items property; the code snippet below accesses type library of image2.dll and saves it into external tyle library file image2.tlb:

image = new ActiveXObject("AlaxInfo.ResourceTools.Image");
image.Items("TYPELIB").Item(1).SaveToFile(null, "imapi2.tlb");

Additionally, image.EndUpdate(false) call makes the object close all references to the underlying file so that it can be available for other operations (e.g. overwrite), and the COM object might be further re-initialized and reused.

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2 Replies to “Resource Tools: Custom Resource Types”

  1. This looks like useful software, but I cannot find any usage reference other than a few examples here. Where is the best place for me to look for documentation ?

    • It is mostly and internal thing. We are using it along with automated builder to update resources on already compiled binaries. I did not write any docs, the best for me would be to open with COM/OLE Viewer and to browse classes/interfaces. It is not really complicated there. Or, an alternate option if you are using C#, or VB.NET is to add reference to this COM type library and have it imported. Again, you will be able to browse internals with Object Browser.

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